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Sport Biker

Breath Control


Gas Masks

Straight Jackets


Plastic Fetish

Duct Tape



Military Gear

Breath Play

Leather Race Suits

Origins of My Kink

For all of us who travel the journey of self-discovery in gay kink, bondage, fetish, and gear, KidRacer-X asks "Why?" in this introspective video. How did it start? Where did it come from? What shaped our attitudes and desires for the unconventional? How...

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I’m Gonna Make
You Beg…

This is probably where some will freak out and others will be turned on. Every now and then for whatever reason, I get this insatiable urge to unleash hell and let my hormones and desires rule. In a recent email exchange with this aggressive...

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My Plastic and PVC Fetish…

One of my most dominant addictions revolves around my total passion for plastic and vinyl. For years, this was my "quiet" trigger of sexual compulsion. I never shared it with anyone because it seemed abstract and almost a deeper fetish than what others seem so drawn...

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Pixel Perfect
Requires Patience

Do any of you remember the artist "GreaseTank"? If you don't, you should look him up. Do it for me and for his memory. His artwork was revolutionary and provocative. When KidRacer-X began many years ago, we had the opportunity to correspond with each other - quite...

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Just Say “NO!” – It fucking works!

I've been getting more and more frustrated with certain aspects of the gay community. In fact, it's now reached a point beyond frustration and peaked at outrage and it all culminated with my friend. I have never in my life looked at someone and said "We have to part...

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New Camera Lenses
Means Visual Drama

Just so ya know, "The Sandbox" is alive and well. I really wanna take a minute to share a little background info about this series, it's look, and what I'm going for. We spent Sunday in the field with high hopes, but planning realistically. At the end of the day, we...

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Red Brick Buildings.
You don’t get it.

It's 1am. I'm smoking a cig and drinking tomato juice. I have insomnia again. No doubt it's because there's a million things running through my mind, all of them moving so fast, I can hardly define any of them. Most of them are all a blur, but this thought... It's...

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The Boy from
New York City…

Do you know anyone from New York who attended Palm Springs Leather Pride? He took my heart and I want to talk to him... Oh, this post is ooooold, but big memories stay with you, so I decided to leave this up. "Oo ah oo ah oo oo, Kitty Tell us about the boy From New...

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Faith, Religion, and Gay Fetish

This was originally written in response to an e-mail I received from a young man a long time ago. Since then, this article has received dozens of personal email responses and I feel compelled to leave it online. I would like to add and edit even further soon, but for...

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Top 10 Reasons to Kidnap Cody

  10 ) I can find out how many licks it takes to get to the center of his tootsie-pop 9 ) I wanna see for myself if he really cums inside his gear 8 ) I wanna smell his motorcycle boot after he sweats in it, and his plastic, and his leather, and his hood, and his...

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