Asphalt Pilots PVX-1October 29, 2013

Guys - do NOT feel ignored! I will get back to all emails and post an update within the week. I have been dealing with a lot more than just this website and I'm overhwlemed right now. As stated below, I DO have the DVD offer, but I need to get details online to help you. Just bare with me, please. I', working 7 days a week right now! It's my busy season. Please note - I will be launching a temporary website soon which won't be anything like before, but it will continue to offer carefully selected pics and bio information to let the world know I'm still in the scene!


August 30, 2013

If this is your first time here, you missed quite a show. For those who are long time fans and followers, I warned you the day would come and it has. Due to the previously extreme nature of my content offending someone out there, I was forced to remove my website from my web hosting provider. In order to maintain the dozens of other sites I manage on this same account, this was something I could not protest.

The length, depth and width of the shaft I was given goes beyond the few words I can express here, but I'm honestly not bothered by that. There are greater things going on in my world about survival than I would share online that are simply more important right now.

In brief, the website is now "PG-13" as much as it can be, and has obviously been stripped of the aggressive content that made this site what it was.

For those who are also web developers like me, yes, I know there's other hosting companies I can move the site to and I may pursue that in the future, but for the next few months (due to my scheduling), it will remain as you see it here.

For those wanting to have and own all the content that was originally here, you can email me for further details.

In the meantime, be patient as I get a new basic site online with some biography information and photos safe for all. Although it will be incredibly small, it will still take a little time.

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