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Order KidRacer-X DVD Collection

Maybe you’re horny. Maybe you want to hold onto the legacy long after it’s gone. Maybe you want some hi-resolution wallpaper for your computer desktop. This 2-disc collection features all the content featured on KidRacer-X, including all the galleries, all the wallpapers, all the video and so much more. This is over 7 gigabytes of content!

Content is provided on (2) DVD Discs. Note — the DVD’s are DATA discs, not DVD movies. The DVD’s contain all the downloadable content including video clips featured on KidRacer-X in Quicktime format. Simply load your DVD into your computer, browse folders, images, videos, and download the content you want.

The entire collection is only $60 (U.S) and $70 (International) – with FREE shipping!

Due to strict guidelines, I cannot post online how to get your DVD. Instead, simply enter your email address below and you will receive an instant email back how to place your order.

Comments (3)

  1. RS

    Hi Cody,
    I have been following you for more than a decade now, but have never posted any message until now, unfortunately. 🙁
    You have inspired me big time during the last years (also liked your earlier projects (Pride & Pain, Synthetic Soldier, etc….)). How can I order your DVD, having it shipped to my place the best way? Thank you! Best regards, RS

  2. John J

    I wrote some stories about two gay hit men who are hired to kill undesirable people.

    One of the Methods was a gas mas attacked to the exhaust of their motor cycle. I thought it was hot that a guys own bike was killing him. Like getting hung with your own rope. Then I saw some of your pictures of guys and gas masks. HOT HOT HOT They would look cool to enhance my stories.

    J o

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