Who is KidRacer-X –
the SHORT Answer

A person and a website. Based on the Central Coast of California, KidRacer-X (Cody) is a gay sportbiker into alternative lifestyle of kink, bondage, leather gear fetish, and more. KidRacer-X.com is a hyper-masculine website that combines both the personal elements of Cody’s motorcycle life along with the hard-edged bondage and fetish art, photography, and videos. KidRacer-X is well known in the gay fetish community and leads as one of the top sites for design and erotic content.

Who is KidRacer-X –
the LONG Answer

My name is Cody and I also go by the name KidRacer-X. This website is what you get when you take a gay sportbiker who’s a graphic artist, web designer, motorcycle enthusiast, and photographer, influenced by a deep passion for kink, sportbikes, military, gear fetish, leather, bondage, breath control, plastic, kidnap scenes, and more.

Combine all those passions with my desire to express the art of kink through my imagination and creative skills, and this is what happens: KidRacer-X.The most discouraging thing about sharing so much information, pictures, and ideas is that I can be quickly perceived as being very particular in my scenes and therefore make some guys question the reality of connecting with me. Don’t be one of those guys!

Well, the truth is, I have my interests, but don’t look at my world as complicated or too much for you to take part in. I’m simply sharing my deep passions. None of these are the law of the jungle or require a Masters Degree to take part in. I’m easy going and eager to explore most facets and ranges of kink with the right guys… Catch my drift? Simply said: don’t let my online persona intimidate you.

Don't Be One of Those Guys

The most discouraging thing about sharing so much information, pictures, and ideas is that I can be quickly perceived as being very particular in my scenes and therefore make some guys question the reality of connecting with me. Don’t be one of those guys!

I’m a single guy, living in Southern California. I work full time in the motorcycle industry which allows me to blend my work and passion in my life. I’m involved with marketing and advertising which sometimes takes me to different places and race events. KidRacer-X is not my day job. It’s a side passion and hobby, allowing me to explore my kinks in leather, bondage, and more while trying to improve my skills in art, photography, and web design. In fact, as an update in 2010, I am working two full time jobs to stay ahead of the economy. As a result, my time has been reduced, but I hope this is temporary and not my new lifestyle.

Trying to understand the site? It’s a mix of everything a gay guy into gear fetish might be looking for. I do photo shoots throughout the year that combine new ideas of gear, bondage, and settings; presented in a high-caliber presentation that surpasses those 1979 pics being swapped around on the internet; faded, washed out, poor resolution, and outdated with today’s hyper-masculine world.

I try to blend the art of eroticism, kink, and fetish with technology, hoping to elevate the way it looks. For those seeking gay guys fucking, tons of cock action, and more, this may not be your site. Yes, my work is highly sexualized in every aspect, but I think that kind of work is “simple porn” that can be found anywhere. My efforts try to convey the sensuality of textures such as leather, plastic, PVC, and nylon while exploring the excitement of bondage, captivity, kidnapping, and being both physically aroused by the gear and mentally aroused by the domination, control, and situations. Gear is extremely sensual to me and is the ONLY way that I play and the ONLY way you’ll make me cum.

With the website, I also offer wallpaper images to dress up your computer desktop, video clips, and a range of articles from the mundane to insane. I am constantly working in new mediums to expand my creative output. What are you into? Gear? Futuristic soldiers? Skinheads? Breath control? Suffocation? Sport bikers? Race suits? Snowboarders? Marines? Guys who are beaten and bloody? Plastic? Vinyl? It’s all here. And a lot of it is mere experimentation.

Not everything I do here reflects my interests. But — I will experiment in a lot of areas to satisfy my curiosity and create something for everyone. Hopefully, nothing will offend you and you will perceive my efforts as nothing more than provocative art. It works for some, not for others; but I can’t believe any guy into gear won’t find something arousing in KidRacer-X. It’s important to understand that KidRacer-X is not a corporation or being operated by a staff of people. Everything you see here is designed, created, prepared, and put online by me: KidRacer-X. It’s a huge endeavor and needs your DVD purchase to support the ongoing development.

In most cases, each gallery/photo shoot features images in the range of hundreds. In total, there are literally THOUSANDS of gallery images, video clips, over a thousand wallpaper images (awesome art!) to dress up your computer desktop, and active screensavers (really cool).

So when you buy the DVD, you own all this content. Plus, you help me directly in the best way possible. You support my work. Plus, it’s damn cheap compared to other services. Other than that, let your mind go free, explore the deep and dark corners of the website and seek your passion. And yes, I’m single. Next question?

6’ 1″, 180 lbs
Helmet: medium
Leather Jacket: 44 (US)
Race Suit: 42 (US)
Gloves: Large
Waist: 32
Inseam: 32
Boots: 10-1/2

Skin | Smooth

Location | San Luis Obispo, CA

Status | Single

Occupation | Motorcycle / Offroad Industry

Sportbike | Suzuki GSX-R 1000

Motorcycles (sportbikes), web design, photography, video editing, paranormal research, stock market/economy

Primary Kinks
Plastic, PVC, leather, bondage, sweating, sealed in gear, mummification, suspension, leather hoods, restraints, breath control, suffocation, kidnapping

Primary Fetish
Bound and sweating in my gear. Specifically, wearing PVC sauna suits under my leather race suit, bound, and restrained, forced to give up my cock.

Play Style
I lean more towards being captive.

Oral / Anal
Not with strangers or without prior conversation. I prefer “gear play” and being forced to jack off/cum over anything else.

Clean & plan to play that way!

No! Images of pain are strictly for dramatic expression.

No Way / Poppers, absolutely

Kinks, Fetish, Gear, Captivity – the Basics

My first interests are being captive/kidnapped in Vinyl / Plastic, Leather, Bondage, Mummification and Breath Control. Plastic and vinyl (plastic sheeting, black bags, sauna suits, vinyl body bags, smooth rain suits, tarps, etc) has really grown to be one of my premier fetishes. It’s the tactile sensation of leather and synthetic materials that gets me rock hard.

I love being “encased” in gear such as leather, vinyl, plastic, etc.. It’s not that skin turns me off, but I love that total bulky enclosed sensation (race suits, sleeping bags, snowmobile suits, down jackets, sleepsacks, bodybags, mummification, etc.) It’s even better when it’s hot out — sweating under vinyl. This is a passion of the worst kind. I love the feel of multiple layers of vinyl under my regular clothes or leather race suits when riding.

Ideally, I would love to hook up with a gay stud who enjoys the same or at least enjoys the sweaty results. I hate to sound like a prick, but if I’m gonna do that anywhere, this is the page — I’m a very masculine guy and despite the bold approach you see here online, this is not a lifestyle that’s on display 24/7. That said, my interests lay with fellow guys who are very masculine and discreetin public.

I realize that although I’ve developed my gear collection, passions, kinks, and interests over the years, many guys haven’t. As such, many guys want to try all this, but don’t have any gear. To be perfectly honest, gear is MY turn on. If you’re in jeans and a t-shirt and wanna have a bound and kidnapped leather biker boy in your bedroom, I’m your man! I’d love to play with other guys who are in leather or some form of synthetic gear, but it’s the thrill that Ican be in my gear for a scene that gets me cumming. So — don’t be shy if you don’t have the gear. If you want a gear boy as your prisoner, you know where to find me.

Ideal Fantasy

I post this idea first so you can inside my head about the sensual pleasures of gear and bondage that grab my mind and boner. It’s all about gear, sweat, and bondage. Reality tells me this is most likely near impossible to coordinate because of logistics and needing several people to make it happen…but it’s fun to dream and this may offer insight to my sexual psyche and tactile turn ons.

Late at night on a dark street, I’m walking about in full leather, sweating in vinyl underneath. A van suddenly pulls up, the side door opens and four masked guys in leather jackets jump out, subdue me, tie me and throw me in the back. They blindfold me and the van speeds off to some location.

The van comes to a stop and I hear a garage door close and loud music playing. There’s a party going on. I’m dragged out of the van and brought inside a house. I can hear the many voices of guys drinking and partying. Once inside, the masked men finish tying me up, wrapping me almost like a mummy in rope.

Laid out and bound, I’m unable to move. A leather hood is laced and locked over my head. I hear the sound of it coming… Someone pulls a plastic bag over my head. I feel the hands of several guys pawing and caressing my leather and hard-on. My air is slowly depleting, my hard-on getting bigger. Just close to shooting inside my gear, someone removes the bag, relaxing me. My muffled moans under the hood fuel the fire. The scene is repeated all night with different guys at different times. Intense breath control by the creaking sound of leather men around me.

Later on, the scene is repeated for a last time. This time, the hood is removed and a clear plastic bag is put back over my head. As I look up, I see several leather clad men jacking off. One guy is working my hard on. With every breath I lose air, and my hard on gets bigger and bigger. Finally, my heart racing, the air almost gone, I shoot my load inside my gear and the leather guys standing over me cum in a huge explosion. It’s nice to dream. Even nicer to experience it for real…
Plastic / PVC / Vinyl Fetish

Plastic / PVC / Vinyl Fetish

Different from rubber, I have a HUGE addiction to plastic, PVC, and vinyl! I MEAN HUGE ADDICTION! If I had to, I would easily give up other fetishes to keep this one. If I could be in it 24/7, this would be my premier and singular thrill…

You’ll notice in some of my pics in the galleries that I often wear black vinyl/PVC suit under my gear. There’s something amazingly sensual about lose vinyl gliding over the skin, constantly stroking the body, keeping the hard-on pumped for hours. In conjunction with the vinyl, the other aspect I love is the heat and sweat while incased in it.

How many words do I need to use to describe the insatiable fetish? Nothing can describe the intense arousal from being bound in vinyl, sliding around and sweating profusely in captivity.

Just catch me on a hot summer day, cruising on my bike wearing a full leather race suit and my vinyl suit on underneath. The only problem is that this sensation gives me a relentless hard-on, so it’s sometimes difficult to park and take a walk about. My hard-on just rages! No kidding — when I know I’m going riding, I have to put gas in the bike before I get my gear on. Otherwise, some hot straight stud would beat the shit out of this gay boy at the gas pump as I stand there with a pulsing cock under my racesuit!


Leather is absolutely one of my biggest turn-ons. I never play in a scene without leather or plastic. I just can’t seem to play any other way. I always go to the bars on my sportbike in full leathers with my vinyl suit on underneath. I consider my interest here as a sort of “Pavlov’s Dog” syndrome. It started years ago, and now I’m totally “conditioned” to it. There is no sex without it.

I get turned off fast with those who claim to love leather, but then it comes off in the bedroom. Either you’re into leather or your not. I am definitely into leather! Pathetic? Maybe. But I can’t have sex without leather or vinyl.

Some guys get off on wearing nothing but a cheap leather harness. That doesn’t work for me. The way my head and dick operate, I have to have FULL leather. I’m almost always in a full leather racesuit or a 2-piece leather pant and jacket combo. The more gear the better. You want access to my hard-on? No problem, but the rest of me is in gear!

Hell, to be perfectly honest, I don’t really need my guy in leather. I would love it, but it’s not necessary. As long as we can have a good time and he’s turned on with me in gear, fuck you have my attention!


Bondage has unlimited forms. For the most part, I simply enjoy the sensation that comes with complete loss of control. Whether it’s being tied, mummified, sealed in a vac rac or body bag, locked in a cage or dungeon, or even zipped up in my race suit with my arms forced inside, down my side instead of through the sleeves. WOOF! My race suit just became a portable bondage suit. Yeah!

One of my FAVORITE bondage events is clearly demonstrated in the KidRacer-X Gallery “Sportbiker Bondage”. There, you’ll see me tied to a chain link fence and suspended off the floor. There, I’m in vinyl, in leather, sweating to near exhaustion in a hot garage with a plastic bag over my head. But, with that in mind, not everything has to be intense or overly complicated…

I have several real body bags that are fucking amazing to play in and a hot fucking fetish. They’re made with thick industrial vinyl and yet, when you’re zipped up inside, it becomes a form of bondage that words cannot describe. You have some limited movement since you’re confined, but you can still squirm and enjoy the tactile sensation of your body and the vinyl together. The heat builds inside, the sweat increases, the oxygen slowly depletes until this gay boy’s raging hard-on explodes in ecstasy. It’s an amazing way to play that still delivers on bondage and confinement, yet allowing the body to enjoy the sensual touch and feel of the body bag around me.


Breath Control / Suffocation / Asphyxiation

There’s always a lot of “new guys” to my site who read that headline and have a freak out. For the un-initiated, lemme take a moment and explain what it is. “Breath Control” is a fetish that’s not unique to just me. You can do a search engine lookup and you’ll find much more information on it.

In short, Breath Control is about controlling someone’s breathing. It’s never pushed to the point of danger or passing out. It typically involves restricting the flow of air by using a gas mask, plastic bag, leather hood, smothering under a leather pillow, etc.. It’s more or less, temporary suffocation. The obvious result is a physiological one. Your heart races a bit faster as you breathe in and out, needing more air, and in turn you become more excitable, which in turn gets a hard on raging.

Breath Control can go as far as completing cutting off one’s air supply for a minute with a plastic bag tied around the head, or simply reducing the volume of by placing a bag loosely around your biker boy’s head. In many of my shots, the breath control is portrayed in a far more dramatic method than I truley participate in because — well, if yer stupid, it’s dangerous. Breathing is good, you know?! lol

This is absolutely one of my favorite kinks. It can take many forms. I love gas masks. The feeling of someone controlling the intake while I’m bound in my leather is a huge rush. I cream myself over leather hoods and even soft leather jackets wrapped around my face tightly. The tight leather and smell gets me raging hard as the asphyxia sets in. Lemme inhale some poppers in this scene and I completely melt.

Along with breath control, I love having the ability to have free hands to struggle with my captor, “pawing” at the leather pillow that’s smothering me, struggling with my captor’s leather arms as he suffocates me.

Plastic bags over my head are great! The air slowly depleting and the bag being drawn tight against my face with every last breath. Clear bags are great so I can watch my captor jack off on me as I struggle to breath.

I have even done underwater submersion in plastic bags. I’ve done it with simple mattress cover bags (they’re affordable and expendable). I’ve slipped inside, zipped it up, and laid in the tub as the water fills slowly. As the water rises, the plastic presses against my body, form fitting and encasing me tightly, the air running out.

Breath Control can come in other forms like mummification, rubber hoods, vac-racs, and more. Have you seen me sealed in plastic to my motorcycle with a vac rac? Any mechanism which restricts air intake can become very erotic. This is something that requires a degree of trust and attention, but at the same time, it’s notthing to be freaked out about. This is not a scene I dive into with every guy.



For those new to it all, concept of mummification is simple. It’s just a matter of wrapping your kidnapped biker boy in plastic like a mummy. Again, this isn’t a unique fetish just to me. Research it and you’ll find out everything you want to know. Traditional mummification in plastic wrap and duct tape are a sure fire way to guarantee my attention. My cock will be at full attention for sure.

It’s been an interesting thing for me to discover that a lot of guys say they need to see their own cock, grab it, or stroke it to cum. I guess I’m unique. This gay boy can shoot his load under that gear, wrapped up, and completely covered.

Mummification to me can take on several additional forms. I love body bags, sleep sacks and sleeping bag bondage. I also love that thick, billowy sensation from being inside down jackets, ski wear and snowmobile suits (even the cool leather race ones).

Variations that encompass mummification are being wrapped, cocooned, enveloped in lose or tight bags, seals, tarps, plastic sheeting, etc. Get the idea?

I fuckin’ love laying out my rubber sheet from Nasty Pig, rolling myself up nice and tight inside, squirming, sweating, and poppin’ my KidRacer-X ooze. The more synthetic the material, the more erotic it is. Nylon, plastic, tarps, bags, shrink wrap — you name it, I’m cumming! You wanna hear a stupid thing that turns me on? Whenever I see those tight leather covers wrapped around the spare tire on the back of a Jeep, I fuckin pop a boner just thinking of the possibilities…

The best way to enjoy mummification, obviously, is with someone else. Ya just can’t achieve the full desired effect alone, so I’m starting to take applications for qualified wrappers effective Tuesday. No previous experience required. The door will be unlocked and we’ll do the interview process “freestyle.”



Kidnapping / Street Attack

Yup, this gay boy gets turned on by being kidnapped! Who knows why, but I do. There’s an incredible rush and thrill in that instant when I no longer have control and I’m overpowered. It’s an instant boner, which is why it’s not a good idea to do this in public view!

As for the term “Street Attack”, this is just a word I invented that sort of symbolizes the idea of overpowerment in a more creative way. It just seems descriptive when you think about those times when you’re leaving the liquor store late at night and two jocks in leather jackets ask for a light.

You walk over to their car, start bullshitting, words are exchanged, the tone amps up a bit, they start to get aggressive… The next thing you know, they’re hauling your ass off somewhere to tie you up, make you cum in your gear, and dump you. You know what I mean— it’s the stuff that happens every Friday night to every guy, right? One can only imagine…

The whole ‘kidnapping’ fetish is what made KidRacer-X famous. Before it/I became such a presence, I felt comfortable posting online a time and location where I’ll be and open myself to encounters, abductions, on-scene scenarios, whatever. Sometimes the scenes are simple, sometimes they get complicated and intense. Even other times, some guys come to watch, but don’t participate.

However, the success and exposure of KidRacer-X has dramatically limited my willingness to openly post kidnap times and locations. This whole concept of being kidnapped for some erotic thrills is what put me on the map. It’s the reason I was actually featured on a television show several years ago.

Typically, there are two ways this happens:

A) I pick a location and time I’ll be cruising some night. It’s usually dark and secluded. I then post it on the website and see who might show up to abduct this leatherboy off the streets. Often times, it’s just an opportunity to j/o together without the kink.

B) I sometimes receive e-mails from guys asking me to show up somewhere that they’ve determined. I’ll arrive to that location and the situation is out of my hands. Of course, this isn’t always something I do, but I’m open to it. There is a “sixth sense” to determining safety when reading e-mails and discerning the “mind” of the abductor. I have posedt the past stories and photos on my Kidnap page if you’re interested in reading more…

Don’t Get Me Wrong

This entire page serves to offer some ideas and insights into what keeps me gay and kinky. I’ve covered a lot of details, fantasies, and situations. It would be easy to turn on that simplistic notion in your mind and go “fuck, this guy’s too picky in a scene.”

Well, if that’s really what you take form this page, you’re probably too simple minded for my tastes. Am I throwing insults? No, of course not. If I rode up to your house on my motorcycle in full leather, I don’t think we’d have a hard time getting it on. I mean, despite your level of experience or the amount gear you do or don’t own, despite whether you’d rather be the bound boy or not, if you had a bound, sweating, and squirming leather biker in front of you, I’m pretty sure nature would take it’s course, don’t ya think?

I have interests. Period. That doesn’t mean I’m fixated, rigid, or demanding in my desires. I’m versatile, easy going, willing to switch roles in a scene, and open myself to new experiences. Gimme a guy, gimme gear, and everything’s perfect.

I’m fortunate to say that people’s perceptions of me have changed over the years. This isn’t the problem it has been in the past and I’m grateful to everyone for taking the time to read, to meet me at events, and share the gospel according to KidRacer-X. In the end, don’t presume to really know me by this website alone. My passions and interests go far beyond this little sliver of my life in the gay kink and fetish scene.

Thanks for taking the time to read through this page. I hope is was entertaining and insightful. Now it’s time for you to move onto the rest of the website. Oh — and please, tell your friends and post a link to KidRacer-X. I need your support to keep this passion running.

My Turn On’s and Turn Offs Some of these are incredibly weird, but for the sake of honesty and sharing the stupid things that rattle my cage, give me a hard on, and piss me off, here’s a little list of those triggers…

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