Born out of my love of podcasts, good horror, and sexy guys in trouble, Horror Bro presents a new spin on entertainment. I frankly don’t know why I didn’t think of this sooner.

Horror Bro is a collection of free homo-erotic horror audio stories. Graphic, seductive, spooky, and unforgiving.

Many of us have privately enjoyed those sadistic, twisted, and terror filled cinematic homo-erotic moments of men struggling against the unknown — Psychopaths, kidnappers, serial killers, the paranormal, revenge, rage, desire, passion gone wrong, a hiking trail that unfolds to disaster, the occult, creepy urban legends that lead to the macabre…

If you haven’t experienced the thrill of a podcast, you’ll discover that more than pictures, your imagination will yield the most arousing satisfaction as your conscious and subconscious paint the details in your mind. Ever heard a campfire story? Ever have a friend tell you a spooky tale in the dark? Why do you remember that more than last week’s news? Why does it still resonate with you today?

Newly launched with my first episode “Wishing Well”, I hope you discover Horror Bro, listen online, watch on YouTube or download an episode to your personal computer or device for later playback. And remember, it’s all free.

Starting from scratch means building a fan base one by one. As the future grows, I hope to take pledges of support to help fund and grow Horror Bro into something niche. Until then, I need your support to help build followers.

If I’ve scored any points with you, please download one of my social media graphics and post ’em online and tag Horror Bro! There’s one here, but you can visit this link for more options and tagging info.

C’mon. Visit Horror Bro. Listen. Share. Comment at Horror Bro.



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