One of my most dominant addictions revolves around my total passion for plastic and vinyl. For years, this was my “quiet” trigger of sexual compulsion. I never shared it with anyone because it seemed abstract and almost a deeper fetish than what others seem so drawn to.

Over time, I found ways to show off this fetish of mine through photography and videos on the website. Fortunately, everyone has responded overwhelmingly, so I guess I’m sort of coming out of the closet about my addiction to plastic to address all the questions that have poured in about this sensual and affordable fetish.

Plastic has obviously been (and will continue to be) a great component in a lot of my photographic work for a lot of reasons. It completely turns me on, gets my motor running, helps me find that sexual energy for photo shoots, and quite honestly, it translates extremely well into photos. It’s visually erotic and adds a surreal sense of imagery beyond average content out there. It’s funny now that as I talk to more guys and explain this, they too are discovering the thrill of this tactile wonderland.

Ironically, just as I began this article, I met a guy who was curious about it. I told him what I’m about to tell you and he is now a complete and total freak about it. I hope you take similar steps to try this for yourself and decide whether or not my addiction can be your addiction, too.

My Beginning… For me, my first interest in plastic was accidental; well, maybe not completely, accidental. Maybe I mentioned this somewhere else on my site, who knows, but I’ll throw it out there again. My first ejaculation/masturbation happened one winter night in the middle of a snow storm. I was a punk in my nylon snowmobile suit playing outside in the dark like any other kid would on a snowy night. We had a gym set outdoors with a slide, monkey bars, rings, etc.. Bored, I began crossing the monkey bars, hand over hand, suspended off the ground just doing my thing when the sleeve of my snowmobile suit got caught on one of the bars. As I tried to work it lose, I realized the whole bar was fucked up and I caught my other sleeve on the other side, too. I suppose it would have been easy to work lose with some focus, but it was interesting enough to roll with the moment.

After a moment or two, I realized I was really stuck there! I began kicking my legs a bit, wiggling and squirming and discovered that my cock was getting rock hard . This was a total first time experience. As I hung there, the nylon snowmobile suit became a cocoon for me, rubbing gently in it’s thick and padded form against my body, yet pulled taught because of my body weight suspended.

This was a new and odd pleasure I was experiencing. I can’t say that the “trapped” aspect of this play had any affect on me at the time. After all, my cock is getting rock hard for the first time and my body is telling me that something better is yet to come. Moving back and forth, the nylon gliding over my body, the suit drawn tight as the arms suspended my body weight off the ground, I was ready to explode. It wasn’t long until I shot my load and discovered this new thing called masturbation. Bondage didn’t quite make sense to me at the time. I just knew that this new sensation was achieved by repeating that same pattern. Man, that gym sure got used that winter. I think I wound up thrashing a couple snowmobile suits in the process, too. Winter soon rolled into spring and snowmobile suits got put away to make room for other things.

Realizing I had to create some other form of suspension, I began constructing a sort of “body harness” out of plastic. It was really quite a simple concept. Just imagine a sheet of industrial strength plastic roughly the size of a beach towel between your legs with the ends gathered together over your head. It was basically a big “loop” of plastic; almost like a diaper, but instead of stopping at your waste, the ends are gathered and roped together over your head. It took some experimentation and refinement through spring and summer to continually create these “masturbation” bags, but I finally got it mastered. I found ways to adjust the plastic so it wouldn’t put so much strain and pressure points where my legs met my torso.

I found ways of “flaring” excess plastic away from my crotch to create an almost “hammick-like” sensation. As my plastic harnesses got better, I began to experiment with other aspects of this plastic fantasy. Until now, I wasn’t pressing plastic against my skin. I was shooting my load inside jeans and underwear. But like anything that interests you, I also craved to learn more and tap into every possibility. Soon, after those hot summer high-school days, I snuck out of the house at night, went into the tree line at the end of our block, stripped down naked and climbed into the trees. I hung my harness and climbed inside, sweating, rubbing, and feeling this sensation of this tight and taught confinement combined with a virtual lubrication of sweat and plastic that allowed me to slide while still being cocooned and sealed.

Over time, I began to realize that the sensation of being cocooned was also becoming an aspect of my sexual identity. From there, my other passions into bondage, encasement, imprisonment, and kidnapping developed. But that’s another story someday.

Going back to my youth, I remember how new all this was to me. I had no idea how to process it. At the time, I was craving a full body suit in plastic but was completely ignorant to the available possibilities. Fuck, I was young, struggling with the thrill of masturbation and beginning to question my sexuality. I didn’t know much then. So what’s a punk boy to do? I wanted a plastic suit, so it seemed the only way to have it was to make it. On countless nights while the family slept, I was in my room meticulously fabricating my own full body plastic suits. I cut out patterns and plastic pieces and then “hand welded” the seams together with the edge of an iron! Geezus, it’s so funny to talk about it now. My family always bitched the next morning because my room smelled like melting wires.

Anyway, these suits I made weren’t that durable, weren’t always shaped right and were barely adequate. But ‚Äî they sure did get my nut off without fail every time. Present Day… Without boring you with my whole life story, let’s move forward a few years to when I became independent, had my own job and bought my first motorcycle and full leather race suit. By now, I was realizing my passion for other fetishes so plastic was relatively mild in comparison. When I joined a gym, I saw that some guys were wearing something called a “Sauna Suit”. My world completely stopped. Sauna Suits were, and still are, made of smooth plastic and PVC materials. They are virtually universal in size and are available in all kinds of colors and styles. At the time, the guys were wearing silver sauna suits. I immediately stocked up on a few suit and dove back into my plastic fetish HARD!

I started with simply wearing a sauna suit in private for the sheer pleasure it brought me. Then, I began wearing them under my street clothes, under jeans and T-shirt. I would wear them on warm California days while working in the yard, sweating with a raging hard-on that made it impossible to focus. I then took it up a notch and decided to add this kink to my fetish of leather and motorcycles by wearing just the sauna suit under my race suit when I rode my motorcycle. At this point, I realized I’ve come full circle with my plastic fantasies. I was wearing vinyl, but I was confined in my tight leather race suit. I had the natural gliding sensation of plastic combined with the lubrication of my body sweating. It was a joy beyond words. My body was tightly confined in the leather race suit, but yet, my body and rock-hard dick moved freely in this lubricated cocoon. It was such an erotic blend of sensations; being confined, yet free. Just as I did then and still do now, I easily shoot my load inside the suit while riding the motorcycle. I’ve had many warm sweaty summer night rides where I’ve cum again and again with the engine of my thousand CC machine groaning between my legs on the freeway.

Now, again, always wanting to try new tactile sensations, in the past few years, I’ve adopted another layer of my plastic fetish by (can you guess?) adding another layer, literally! The diagrams below briefly illustrates some of my thoughts on plastic and the “two layer” experience that are harder to communicate here in words. But for now, let me explain the “two layer” process and why it’s the only way I suit up anymore. I’m not sure when or where I came up with the Patented KidRacer-X Two Layer method, but it’s mine and you’re welcome to use it! The Two Layer Method If the idea of wearing PVC/Sauna suits under your motorcycle racesuit, jeans, or leather jacket interests you, this might be the thing for you… Regardless, if you just want to enhance that “PVC experience” one more notch, this still might be the thing for you! Why is more better? Bottom line: it creates more virtual lubrication. It provides more freedom of movement in the gear, heightens the tactile senses, increases the positive friction (if that even makes sense) and motion against the skin, and enhances the entire sensation. Use your imagination and follow the diagrams below as I explain (what I believe are) the advantages of PVC/Plastic over rubber.

Although I’ve hit on these points above, I’ll cover them again with a little visual help. Keep in mind that I enjoy rubber and welcome any deliveries of gear, but that said, I have found that most of my hard-ons work this way…

Remember this color key as you look at the diagrams below for a better understanding.

The diagram at left illustrates how rubber fits and feels on the body. It’s a snug, form fitting material, permitting a layer of sweat or lubricant to keep the rubber “free” flowing.

Wearing PVC or plastic gear (i.e. Sauna Suits) provides a relaxed and baggy sensation. It doesn’t necessarily hug the skin unless you’re stretching in the suit or the suit is compressed against the skin such as I experience while wearing them under my leather race suits. Because of the relaxed form of sauna suits, you can feel the plastic touch and then pull away from your skin. Drops and streams of sweat will run down pockets of space. This constant change in “touching/pulling away” delivers constant tactile sensations like plastic fingers moving all over your body.

Now that you understand my basic fetish, it’s time to explain why I wear (and often suggest) TWO sauna suits at a time.You have to understand friction.Looking at the diagram at left, you can see the single layer of plastic between the two fingers. As one finger moves up and the other down, you’ll have some friction and resistance. To better illustrate where I’m going, go to my next diagram…

For this demonstration, imagine your thumb represents a race-suit or jacket you might wear over the PVC. Then, imagine your finger represents your naked body, and the piece of paper represents a single layer of PVC or vinyl. Got it? Naked body wearing a PVC suit and a jacket or racesuit on top. Okay?

Take a piece of paper and put it between your finger and thumb. Glide your finger and thumb back and forth. Yeah, it’s easy and smooth, but you are creating unwanted friction and resistance.

Now, take another piece of paper and place both pieces between your thumb and finger, and move your thumb and finger around again. NOW, what are you experiencing? Dramatically smoother gliding action! The similar material reduces friction. Have you also noticed that one piece of paper tends to ride with your finger and the other with your thumb?

If you can imagine this, one PVC layer “bonds” with your body, the other PVC layer “bonds” with your racesuit/jacket or jeans. BUT, when the two layers come together, virtually zero friction…

So, with two layers of plastic as shown here in the diagram, the material glides and slides much easier and increases the tactile sensation to heighten arousal to an explosive level; well for me it does…

Everyone will find their own “hot buttons” on how to play in this gear, but as you can see here, the two-layer method works exceptionally well if you plan to wear jeans, leather jacket or race suit over your PVC suit. Why? Because, again, the PVC suit against your skin will hold some friction and adherence properties. The PVC suit on the outside, against your race suit or jacket will do the same.They will each tend to “bond” slightly to the material they’re up against. But, when the two materials touch, it creates a natural lubrication without additional oil or lube; just like the paper demonstration I mentioned above.

General Notes About Exploring a Plastic/PVC Fetish

  • PVC/Sauna Suits are available at most sporting goods stores. Check out the different brands and fabrications. As an example, the ones I wear are all black with a really smooth side and a slightly textured side. I wear the smooth side against my skin and, on the second layer, the smooth side out for visual appeal for you studs.
  • Unlike expensive rubber gear, PVC Sauna Suits are really affordable and easy to maintain. They average $14.99~$19.99 each and they’re even cheaper when you can find them on sale. In addition, they’re simple to maintain. Unlike rubber which has to be cared for, washed a specific way, and stored carefully, you can simply rinse your PVC suit off in the shower with a little soap and water and let your suit air dry.
  • Generally, if you wash and care for your PVC suit, it will last. If you plan on spending a whole weekend in it, you might get a little “ripe” and sometimes those odors are hard to remove. Be prepared for replacing your suits on occasion.
  • It depends what you plan to do and how you plan to wear your new PVC pleasure, but I generally put the fist layer on while in the shower to trap moisture and begin the “lubrication process”. In my case, I then get out of the shower, put on the second layer, then my race leathers and cruise around on my bike shooting my load…
  • If you intend to sweat, be prepared for it! Since Sauna Suits are typically offered as a jacket & pant combination, tuck the jacket inside the pant. This will keep the water “inside” instead of spilling down onto your crotch for all to see on your leather suit, jeans, leather pants, etc.. Yes, on warm days you will SWEAT and it will run down to your feet. Wear good socks and for gawd sakes, butch up and deal with it. A little water in your shoes or racing boots ain’t gonna kill you, especially if you have the hottest cum explosion ever!
  • I realize that not everyone who reads this and tries a PVC suit will have a one-piece leather race suit to try with it. For those of you who are bikers and want to to try this experience, I should say “YES”, you will feel a “bulky” sensation because you’re wearing two layers of plastic under your racing leathers. Some may find it restrictive. Others who have a bit of room in their race gear may find it pleasurable. If you’re a biker trying this, you’ll notice that after 20 minutes in the gear, you’ll notice the air space gets slowly squeezed out and the PVC suit will begin to fit and feel better as you wear it. I really urge you to broaden your sensual horizons and give this several tries before deciding if it’s the right thing for you. Obviously, I really wanna hear from you sportbikers who experiment with this. Fuck, let’s get together!
  • Sauna suits, by nature, are generally offered in two sizes SM/MD and LG/XL. Generally, the SM/MD size fits 90% of you sick fucks. When you first try it on, it may feel odd because of it’s baggy nature. Get used to it. That’s what makes it so friggin erotic! I’m very used to the sensation and well adapted to it. I can imagine that anyone who experiments with this new thrill might need a couple stabs at it before catching on to its erotic nature. Like I always say, “I’ll try anything 12 times…” Give yourself a chance to play in it. Wear one layer, wear two layers, wear a t-shirt or jacket over it, wear your full one-piece leather racesuit over it… Just experiment. Turn the heat up, wear it to bed with your partner, and let yourself go with it.


I’m done. Time to go cruise boys on my motorcycle in my PVC and leather…Have fun!


  1. Hey Cody,
    Don’t profess to know much about bike racing but I sure know my sauna suits! Been in them for quite a few years now.I must have around 15 or so.I usually try to wear more than 1 at a time.Love the summers when I can wear them outside and really have the sweat streaming down me.Well I hope you’re still enjoying your suits under your leathers.Take care.Talk to you soon some time….
    Bob Thomas

  2. I love to wear pvc under rubber, as it makes me well horny mixing the 2 sexy materials together

  3. I would love to be in PVC all the time but wife can’t stand it. So when’s she’s gone I wear plastic bags and normally double it like you was describing its such a hot feeling would love to be in public like this

    • tell you wife “I AM DIVORCING YOU!”

  4. hi. i’m also saunasuitdude13 on twitter, and we’ve chatted on a different site, but it’s been a few years ago. (although i’m glad you’re on my facebook friend list). anyway, i’ve worn sauna suits for years. i remember getting the 1-piece in the 80s. i love the feel of them and wear them almost every other day (as much as i can). i have worn layers of them, but not as much as i should – to really get to enjoy it. it’s cool to meet someone else that enjoys sauna suits, etc. i’ve noticed they are getting more popular.
    You do look hot in them. i like the silver as much as the black, although i know you wear the black. i also love the shinier ones.

  5. How do I. Become a member so I can join and see your Videos

  6. Hello Cody, I have been a vinyl sauna suit guy for years. I enjoy wearing the suits and seeing other guys in the suits. I have been happy to see many sauna suit video’s on Youtube, but your video’s are hunderds of steps better! I enjoy relaxing in my vinyl suit with a cigar and beer. I just wish there were more guys out there into vinyl sauna suits. Wish I could get a trial membership to view your vinyl sauna suit video’s. The slippery sweat under my suit keeps me hard for hours and I have worn two sauna suits to get that slippery effect too. Have many other guys wrote in to say they have a vinyl sauna suit fetish too? I hope so! Vinylguy…Chicago…..

    • i also love vinyl sauna suits. i believe we’ve chatted on yahoo IM or another site. hope to chat again sometime. i’m also saunasuitdude13 on twitter.

  7. March 2nd 2011

    Hello mr Kidracer,

    In your “Plastic Passion Fetish” you spoke of your desire to obtain a plastic total-enclosure suit. It is a pleasure for me to tell you that I had the same desire. Well, over time I indeed obtained such a suit. At my plastic website at there is a gallery “Flash Gordon Suit” (URL ).

    Enjoy and take care! Friendly Plastic Greetings: Johan

  8. Hey Cody
    Thanks for the advice on the PVC going to try it out. The only thing that sucks is I can’t find any black sauna suits the only ones I can find around here are Black so I guess I am going to have to the online thing and wait for delivery. Oh well. I am dying to try it in my leather suit. I need to take some pics of me in it and send it to you.
    Oh by the way check out Universal Designs they have the new TRON race suit. its fucking HOT!!!! I so want one for the movie opening but I know it wont happen. Anyway stud sight looks awesome.


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