10 ) I can find out how many licks it takes to get to the center of his tootsie-pop

9 ) I wanna see for myself if he really cums inside his gear

8 ) I wanna smell his motorcycle boot after he sweats in it, and his plastic, and his leather, and his hood, and his helmet, and his…

7 ) We need a party prop to stuff in a corner and he’s cheap.

6 ) I own a plastic and PVC business. I need a test subject.

5 ) I can shove a keyboard in front of him to answer my email.

4 ) I need to see if I can actually fit a body in my trunk.

3 ) My other slaves are lonely in their cell.

2 ) This would only be a second strike for me. They couldn’t convict my last kidnapping.

And the #1 reason to kidnap KidRacer-X is…

1 ) My boyfriend won’t shut up about him


  1. Hahahaha, lets see….that would be number
    and #9

  2. The number one reason for me of cause is to tie him to my bed and I can have him and I would prefer him cum in my mouth though.

  3. You want to be kidnapped, me and my friend will make it happen. What time is good for you?

  4. O.o

    #1 is cool

    #2 – #10 Ahhhhhh.


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